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The Cluster Centre is the all-island national network for clusters and cluster initiatives.  We are building the cluster ecosystem and joining this into the international cluster community.  

The company has a track record in collaboration, connecting, networking, management, leadership, enterprise and innovation across the public and private sectors.  We bring experience in enhancing the individual, the collective and the collaborative performance.

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Where do Clusters emerge from?

Clusters emerge from an industry-led, shared learning. Clusters require 3 ingredients: Trust, Social Capital, Tacit Information flow. They naturally emerge when businesses work together to tackle common problems, or collective opportunity.

The Cluster Centre will support and connect your Cluster team to optimise your Cluster Performance to deliver growth & add new value. The Cluster Centre support clusters, boards and member companies to grow their potential through building trust, opening up channels for effective communication and increase industry knowledge sharing.

Through training and workshops, we build cluster capacity, and make progress towards international best clustering practice.  The world of tomorrow relies on connected, collaborative ecosystems which build on our strengths, and mitigate our weaknesses.

The Cluster Centre is making progress in connecting the networks, clusters, and building cluster ecosystems across the island of Ireland. This will build to connecting the clusters into global value and global supply chains.

Ireland’s Clustering Map

There are clusters, clustering initiatives and networks all over the island. They benefit from being part of our growing clustering community.

To learn more about each cluster simply click on the blue pin on the map.

We Invest  in creating Connections & in Collaboration

Cluster Events

We actively listen to the needs of the cluster community.  The Cluster Centre organises events, cluster 2 cluster meet ups, we make connections & bring in international cluster expertise. We deliver events that are relevant to cluster managers, cluster members, cluster boards and policy makers.

Events are open to everyone and tickets can be bought online. Cluster Centre members receive a membership discount of up to 40% off all events.

Cluster Academy

Increase your cluster capacity, cluster performance and cluster connections by attending our high-quality, cluster designed events.

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Become A Member

As the saying goes ‘Ní neart go cur le chéile’. There are significant benefits of becoming a member of The Cluster Centre. Your cluster gets to network and learn from the national and international cluster community. You will have access to, and communicate with, the all-island cluster community.

You will benefit from visibility and recieve priority with regard to clustering opportunities offered to The Cluster Centre. You can benefit from collective purchasing of expertise and cluster resources. You will receive up to 40% discount on events. Join today and optimise your cluster’s performance.

Meet The Team

At The Cluster Centre the vision is to build collective power to support the transition to the new economies & new society. New approaches are needed to ignite & sustain growth. The Cluster Centre is assembling a global team to help with how we approach clustering. Meet the team here.

If you are interested in joining The Cluster Centre team, we look forward to hearing from you. Email your statement of interest and your professional profile to

This was succeeded with the talents, patience, empathy and skills of Clodagh, whose work in developing the groundwork and ongoing direction of IWFMN has been pivotal in finding our way. I can emphatically say that without Clodagh’s competent guidance and unstinting energy, we would not be where we are today.

– Bill Vernon,  Acting Secretary,  Irish Wood & Furniture Manufacturing Network –


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