Little did I know that this future vision would become a reality in a few short months.  In the midst of the #Covid19 crisis, I observe major Change on a daily basis.  Change is being accelerated through traditional systems where new partners are teaming up, with medical, societal, community, educational innovation landing onto the market place in days. This space is full of energy, and it feels like a #Stepchange. This is a major departure from command and control.

In autumn last year, I set out on a new journey and set up the Cluster Centre.  Having worked for 20 years in various roles across industry, third level education and regional development from an education, economic and community perspective I saw an increased need for organisations across all sectors to collaborate in order to grow their businesses or sectors. Yet how do we collaborate in a society that is driven by competition for public funding, market space, political favour, resources and recognition.

The Cluster Centre was established to support the transition towards a new economy & a new society. A society where collaboration and competition exist in a healthy balance to drive and sustain a healthy and prosperous economy.  The Cluster Centre emerged from a passion to support and encourage stakeholders in diverse organisations to come together for the greater good.  Encourage organisations and individuals to collaborate to make things happen.  As diverse stakeholders focus together on a collective need, new partnerships can expedite & deliver new growth. This vision requires a paradigm shift.  The Cluster Centre supports individuals and organisations to make this shift.

These responses are evidence led, and delivered using public,  private, hard and soft infrastructure. Volunteering & goodwill is pervasive both online & offline. Public services are being supplied beyond the traditional supply chains. Civil society & organisations are stepping up to look after our most vulnerable.

Collaborative mechanisms are leveraging capacity, expertise and experience. We see where blends of national, regional and local responses are providing fit for purpose responses across our geography.  This feels very 21st century, it feels agile, it feels responsive and values led, it feels right.  The Cluster Centre will facilitate you in growing your Collaborative mindset & toolkit.

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