It was our pleasure to host Ifor Ffowcs-Williams a world-renowned expert and global leader in clustering on 22nd September 2020. In this webinar Ifor explored the relevance of economic development centred on clusters and a region’s economic strengths. Ifor set out the logic and the practicalities in supporting cluster development as a centre stage strategy drawing on international examples and expertise from across the island – Hilary Moran, The FinTech Cluster, John Hobbs, Vlinc, Cork Institute of Technology, Linda Jamison, Invest Northern Ireland.

Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, Cluster Navigators Ltd, New Zealand
Ifor is acknowledged as one of the most influential cluster practitioners in the world, with hands-on experience extending to over 50 countries. He is a Founder and Past President of TCI Network and has been an advisor to The World Bank, EU, OECD, UNDP, international aid agencies and national & regional economic development agencies on six continents. Ifor’s popular Cluster Development Handbook is the first comprehensive guide to the What? Why? and the How? of cluster engagement.

Ifor explores the relevance of economic development centred on clusters. He shares his expertise on the practicalities of supporting cluster development as a centre-stage strategy.

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