We have almost completed our collaborative discussions and engagement across the quadruple helix on how clusters and clustering activity can contribute and meet policy objectives in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Cluster policy development is now at the forefront.

As clusters appear to be gaining more traction across the island, it is timely to ask ourselves ‘what is our common understanding for clusters’ and ‘how can they enable us to achieve & grow our economic potential’

In the last year we know that Clusters have come to the fore in the policy landscape, academic and industry. As we now prepare for Workshop 6, we are looking forward to meeting the academic and research community who have an interest in clusters & cluster policy development.

Through the series of 5 workshops, we have built our understanding on the appetite for clustering. The opportunity for collaboration and common conversations has grown along with the needs, challenges and opportunities for clusters and building sustainable cluster practice across the landscape. In turn how this will meet enterprise policy objectives in Ireland and Northern Ireland is in focus.

Next Friday – 19th November 2021 – we are looking forward to meeting with the Academic & Research Community across the island. In the 12 months since the project came into discussion, it has helped to create the opportunity to connect, build bridges and renew existing cluster relationships. As this group gathers, we will compile a picture of the different areas of interest, cluster focus, potential for greater cooperation and consider the connections, role of academics and the research community in the wider cluster landscape. For tickets, please visit our Events Page.

Cluster Research Network (CRN) got underway in August 2021 to support the strategic development and investigate the operation of clusters on the island of Ireland. The Network is a pioneering cross-border partnership founded by researchers and practitioners from The Cluster Centre, Ulster University, University College Cork and Munster Technological University. The network is supported by InterTradeIreland’s Synergy funding programme which seeks to “elevate the participation of SMEs in innovative networks of entrepreneurs, academics, policy makers, corporates and third sector participants”.

You can keep in touch with the Cluster Research Network by contacting us.

Cluster Research Network