– By Kieran O’Donoghue, Educational Outreach Manager, Agritech
Update from Ireland’s newly forming AgriTech cluster kick-off event – 27/04/2021.

The AgriTech cluster mission for Irelands AgriTech industry is to grow high quality product offerings with high levels of functionality at an affordable price so that Ireland can become a global leader in the AgriTech domain. This initiative is supported by Enterprise Ireland and based at the Munster Technological University (MTU) Kerry Campus.

The goal of the AgriTech cluster is to bring together like-minded AgriTech companies from across Ireland, to create opportunities for colloboration between companies especially SMEs and to promote wider engagement with third level, research, and government organisations.

The kick-off event focused on communicating the AgriTech cluster message and encouraging involvement through expert speakers from across the AgriTech ECO system. This message focused on how industry clustering can be a catalyst in growing the impact of Irelands AgriTech SMEs by:


– Driving productivity with focused programmes and technology,
– Improving competitiveness through new product and process developments,
– Unlocking new market opportunities enabling companies to internationalise more,
– Growing AgriTech SME business through developing collaborative opportunities.
The AgriTech cluster business model is being developed through collaborative industry engagement. The model will focus on delivering on AgriTech SME needs, it will be built on a strong foundation and deliver on its goal through pillars of action.

An example of how the model will be constructed is below:

The next steps are outlined below and include a series of member workshops to develop the AgriTech cluster business model and workplan. These workshops are being facilitated using fine-tuned strategy tools to encourage collaborative engagement. Training on these tools is provided by The Cluster Centre using the Strategy Tools platform.
If you would like to be involved or find out more about Irelands AgriTech cluster, contact:

Kieran O’Donoghue
Educational Outreach Manager – AgriTech

Munster Technological University – Kerry
Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland.
Email: info@agritechireland.ie
Phone: +353 87 8169641