The Just Transition Fund is a Government response to the end of peat harvesting. In addition to the closing 8 power stations in the Midlands and surrounding areas. It was established to support projects focusing on retraining workers and proposals to generate sustainable employment in green enterprise in the region. The aim is also to support communities to transition to a low carbon economy across the wider Midlands region.


The Objective

To fund innovative projects that contribute to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the Midlands region. Not only this but to also realise employment and enterprise potential. The Cluster Centre, together with Roscommon Leader Partnership, Galway County Council and Laois County Council, and regional partners were successful in its proposal for the midlands ‘Social Enterprise Exchange’.


About The Cluster Centre

We are an all-Island network who provides services to businesses to collaborate and share industry and business knowledge by developing industry cluster ecosystems on a national and international level. The Cluster Centre provides a safe platform to build collaborative and connected systems infrastructure. As a result, this enables clusters and their members to pursue opportunities of scale and scope locally and globally.

The Cluster Centre has a track record in distributed leadership, collaboration, networking, coaching and designing innovative solutions for the public and private sector. In addition, we bring experience & expertise to enhance the individual, the team and the system in reaching their performance potential.


Social Enterprise Exchange will gather and map the existing social enterprise leaders, advocates and asset base across the midlands region. Roscommon, Westmeath, Laois, East Galway, Longford and Offaly. Social Enterprise is a fast growing segment and a valuable & essential driver in a regional economy. Social Enterprise Exchange will gather the midlands regional social enterprise sector. As a result, this will lay the foundation for the potential scope and opportunity this sector holds for the midlands region in transition.

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Social Enterprise Exchange is supported by the Just Transition Fund.

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